Qld should benefit from strong economic performance in NSW and Victoria

The August job vacancies data released by the ABS yesterday confirm the strong economic performance we are seeing in NSW and Victoria, and they also show encouraging signs for Queensland (see charts below).



Given national markets and the linkages between Queensland’s economy and that of other States, we can expect some of the strong economic performance in southern States to flow through to Queensland and to boost our economy. Let us hope some of the economic benefits flow to regional Queensland, particularly to regions such as Townsville, which has been suffering from a weak economy. For more on the economic challenges facing Townsville and North Queensland more broadly, see some of Pete Faulkner’s recent posts:

Regional jobs – improvement for Cairns but worse for Townsville

Pete Faulkner on ABC North Queensland

The Premier has made a sound political decision to spend next week in Townsville (see this Townsville Bulletin report).

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