G20 had only minor impact on Brisbane’s profile worldwide, suggests Google Trends

I was pretty skeptical about the long-term impacts of the G20 on tourism to Brisbane (e.g. see Link to ABC radio interview on G20 and Expo 88) and Google Trends suggests my skepticism was correct. While there was a small blip in Google searches for “brisbane” (or “Brisbane”) at the time of the G20 summit in mid-November, it was smaller than the spike in interest in Brisbane generated by late November’s super storm (see the first screen shot below showing search volume over the last 90 days; the blip after the “A” is over the G20 weekend, and the spike at the end of November is on the day of the super storm). And the G20 blip was much smaller than the huge spike in interest generated by the 2011 flood (second screen shot below showing monthly search volumes since 2004; the big spike is in January 2011).



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4 Responses to G20 had only minor impact on Brisbane’s profile worldwide, suggests Google Trends

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    I think the real benefit of the G20 was to demonstrate to international organising agencies, be they sports, political , science, business or entertainment that Brisbane can comfortably host safe and well organised events.

    It will maintain, and lift our ranking on the short list of cities to host future events in a number of areas.

    Now we just need to convince the world that the Gold Coast is a suburb of Brisbane, prior to the Commonwealth Games.

  2. Mark Beath says:

    An interesting use of Google Trends. Coincidentally it is three years tomorrow since I tried something similar on the terms ‘Cairns Australia’ and ‘Great Barrier Reef’. The big spikes were Cyclones Yasi and Larry, as well as the death of Steve Irwin and grounding of a Chinese ship on the Reef. I was inspired at the time by others trying to use Google Trends as an indicator of unemployment and consumer confidence.


    P.S. I tend to agree with Katrina. I suspect any longer term benefit to Cairns from the G20 finance event is likely to be around marketing the convention centre itself internationally for events rather than general tourism.

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Thanks Mark. Yes, I now recall you did that. In fact, now I think about it, your post possibly got me thinking about what you could use Google Trends for, and it was only recently with the G20 meeting I found a nice application for it.

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