New ABS figures show two of the four pillars are crumbling – agriculture & mining

New quarterly employment by industry data confirm falling employment levels in two of the so-called four pillars of the Queensland economy: agriculture and mining (see chart below). Regarding the other two pillars, construction employment appears flat and the ABS does not report tourism employment figures quarterly, because, technically, tourism isn’t an industry, but a category of expenditure.

twopillarsIncidentally, regarding tourism employment numbers that have been generated in the past, the tourism minister has apparently been using incorrect data to talk up the sector, as reported in the Brisbane Times today. Well done to Far North bloggers Pete Faulkner and Mark Beath for having spotted the incorrect data in the first place (e.g. see Pete’s post at his Conus blog).

For more on the Government’s four pillars plan, see my post from last week:

ABC radio interview on unemployment, the 4% target and the four pillars plan

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