Carbon tax repeal good news for Qld economy

I’m very pleased the Senate will allow the repeal of the carbon tax (Carbon tax to be abolished on third attempt), given that:

  • Queensland would have been disproportionately affected due to our heavy reliance on coal-fired power generation; and
  • it never made any sense for Australia to undertake signficant, unilateral greenhouse gas mitigation (i.e. in the absence of any action from the major economies of the US, China, Japan and the EU). It was always wishful thinking to suppose that other nations would be impressed by the example of Australia wearing a hair shirt.

My earlier posts criticising the carbon tax include:

UQ study confirms carbon tax will hit Qld the hardest

Carbon tax will disproportionately impact Qld, so Newman has good reason to oppose it

Queensland has to make the biggest adjustment to carbon price

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