Carbon tax will disproportionately impact Qld, so Newman has good reason to oppose it

New Premier Campbell Newman has urged the Gillard Government to “think again” about the carbon tax (PM promises to listen as Newman warns), which is the right position for a Queensland Premier to take given: (a) the carbon tax will disproportionately affect Queensland and (b) we’re imposing a major cost on our economy that major emitters such as the US and China are not.

I’ve previously posted on how Queensland has to make the biggest adjustment to the carbon price and on Carbon tax impacts on tourism and construction sectors. The authoritative source on the impacts of the carbon tax on the States is the Commonwealth Treasury carbon price modelling report. This chart shows the disproportionate adverse impact on Queensland’s gross state product (GSP) of the carbon tax (Chart 5.37 from p. 134):

I am not denying we need to do something on climate change, but we need coordinated international action, rather than unilateral action that will make us worse off for no measurable reduction in climate change.

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