Huge disparity in qualification levels across regions, even in SEQ – e.g. Bris West vs Ipswich & Logan

A new ABS publication, Perspectives on Regional Australia:  Changes in Regional Educational Attainment, reveals huge differences in the percentage of people aged 20-64 with post-school qualifications (Certificate III and above) across Australian regions (see map below based on 2011 Census data).


While South East Queensland appears fine, the low percentage of people in the rest of the State with post-school qualifications is possibly a concern, although it could just reflect the pattern of economic and employment opportunities. No doubt there is some brain drain of young people from the regions who obtain qualifications in SEQ and don’t return back home because opportunities are greater in SEQ or Sydney or Melbourne. Within SEQ, unsurprisingly qualification levels are highest in Brisbane’s inner city and western suburbs (see map below). I’ve previously posted on how West is best. Ipswich and Logan appear to be having some trouble in attracting or retaining highly skilled residents.

SEQ postschool


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4 Responses to Huge disparity in qualification levels across regions, even in SEQ – e.g. Bris West vs Ipswich & Logan

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    Hi Gene,

    Sorry I don’t have time this morning to respond on the rorts associated with “Free” Government Guaranteed Certificate 3 & 4 courses, other than to say I am surprised 100% of the population have not been signed up for one by now. Your graphs will no doubt provide valuable hunting grounds for trainers offering free course paid for by other tax-payers.

    HIgher qualification percentages areas are all centered around suburbs with bricks-and-mortar universities.

    I am busy doing a quick bit of research into the price of a cohiba esplendidos cigar, $77.50 each or $1,817 for a box of 25. In preparation for tonights budget. I suspect we will be doing our personal budget cutting calculations in $77 cigars/day rather than the standard budgetry unit of $4 cups of coffee/day.

  2. Gene Tunny says:

    Haha, yes Katrina, huge opportunities for RTOs in Ipswich and Logan potentially.

    Interesting new metric. The new deficit levy will cost people on $200k approximately 5 cigars per year.

    • Jim says:

      So is the Prime Minister dressing it up as a primary health care initiative for the wealthy then……..?????????

      • Gene Tunny says:

        Haha, Jim. That’s one way to spin it! Certainly some high income earners end up spending their money on things that are bad for them – footy players in particular.

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