ABC radio interview on the debt tax and paid parental leave

Company Director and advisor Monica Bradley and I joined Steve Austin on 612 ABC Brisbane radio this morning to talk about paid parental leave, the debt tax and the upcoming Federal Budget more broadly.

Is a paid parental leave scheme what women want?

I’m introduced into the conversation at around 14 minutes, 50 seconds. As I’ve commented before, I believe the Federal Government’s proposed paid parental leave scheme is inequitable and should be re-considered (see Multiple exemptions to evidence-based policy). The other main point I make in the interview is that the debt tax is undesirable. It doesn’t do anything to correct the structural deficit that has occurred at the Federal level because the Federal Government hasn’t cut spending to match the lower tax-to-GDP ratio we now have as a result of tax cuts in the 2000s. A temporary debt tax is a way of avoiding the tough decisions on spending cuts that need to be made to fix the Federal Budget. 

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