Qld should look to Victoria for tips on tourism promotion

Tourism Queensland released its handy Overseas Arrivals and Australian Departures Data Sheet yesterday (basically a repackaging of ABS data), and it highlighted to me that Queensland’s tourism promotion is failing and that we can learn something from the quirky, interesting campaigns the Victorians run, such as Play Melbourne.  It is concerning that Victoria is quickly catching up to Queensland in overseas arrivals:

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5 Responses to Qld should look to Victoria for tips on tourism promotion

  1. Gene,
    Perhaps worth noting that the decline in Intl Arrivals to QLD can almost all be laid at the door of TNQ. Using the Tourism Research Australia data (so slightly different numbers to the ABS data you quote) we can see a decline of approx 250,000 in Intl Arrivals to TNQ since mid-2005. From the look of your graph that is all of (or perhaps even more than) the decline in QLD’s total since then.
    Perhaps its TTNQ rather than TQ that needs a rocket!

  2. Toad says:

    Personally I liked Melbourne’s ‘Run rabbit run rabbit run run run’ commercial. Very stylish.

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