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Qld loses 20,000 sales jobs over last 12 months

OESR’s recent Employment by Occupation brief on Thursday’s new detailed ABS labour force data reports that employment of sales workers in Queensland fell 8.5% in Queensland and 3.3% nationally over the last 12 months. That’s around 20,000 fewer sales workers … Continue reading

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Fitch downgrade of Qld credit rating is unwarranted

Treasury officials generally put on a good morning or afternoon tea when staff from rating agencies such as Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s come for their regular consultations on fiscal policy. If I were a Queensland Treasury official, I’d … Continue reading

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Strong recovery in Qld domestic tourism – particularly Queenslanders holidaying in Qld

Tourism Queensland yesterday released a snapshot of Tourism Australia National Visitor Survey data for 2011-12, which contains some nice charts showing a strong recovery in domestic tourism in Queensland (i.e. intra-state or interstate tourism): The recovery is solely due to … Continue reading

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My favourite Budget measure: the Public Sector Renewal Program

When I first read in the Budget that the Government is spending $15 million over the next four years to help it identify savings, I remembered the Yes Minister episode when the Minister challenges Sir Humphrey on departmental spending on … Continue reading

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LNG the hero of the Budget

Queensland Treasury isn’t worried about large job losses in mining (see p. 42 of the Budget Strategy and Outlook): Notwithstanding announced cuts to operations by some companies, mining-related employment is expected to rise further, as large-scale LNG and coal projects … Continue reading

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There will still be plenty of mining jobs in Queensland

I’m reasonably confident there won’t be a precipitous fall in mining sector employment in Queensland, despite the news of 900 job losses across the Australian mining sector, with a large proportion of those job losses occurring in Queensland (Mining giants … Continue reading

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Public sector job cuts may be showing up in unemployment data

The Queensland unemployment rate slightly increased in August (see the nice OESR chart below), and the public sector job cuts (and hiring freeze) we’ve seen so far are a likely contributor, although again I’d caution not to read too much … Continue reading

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