Occupy Brisbane anarchists struggle to draft mission statement

Occupy Brisbane at Post Office Square is fascinating but will ultimately turn out to be futile. Unlike protestors against the Vietnam war or apartheid, the movement isn’t advancing a specific and potentially achievable policy position, but instead calling for some unrealistic anarchism. This is clear from their website blurb:

We will ALWAYS remain peaceful and respectful of all political persuasions, working with Police & the people of Brisbane. We simply propose a directly democratic and non-hierarchical social situation where neither capital nor the state determine the way we live or how society functions – that is what would be ideal. In other words, a real democracy in which we consciously and collectively determine social life. This is incompatible with both capitalism and state socialism – both of which produce economic and political monopolies.

Given their clearly anarchistic leanings, it’s probably unsurprising that, after nearly two weeks of occupation, they still can’t agree on a mission statement. Clicking on the Mission Statement button on the website produces:

The mission statement is currently being drafted and voted on in the General Assembly each day. Once this document is finalised it will be posted here.

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1 Response to Occupy Brisbane anarchists struggle to draft mission statement

  1. TOJ says:

    Do you know the best thing about Occupy Brisbane. Brisbane itself. Melbourne and Sydney saw fit to send in the police. Brissie on the other hand, is perfectly content to let the occupiers, well, occupy, until they are done, well, occupying. No harm done, live and let live etc.

    Who would’ve thought that Brisbane would be the city with the enlightened attitude towards protesters?

    We’ve come a long way since the 70s and 80s. 🙂

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