Too early to assess Qantas dispute impacts

The Qantas dispute should have minimal impacts on the Queensland economy so long as it is resolved quickly and we don’t have another grounding of the fleet. But, as Saturday’s bold move by Qantas showed, the situation is highly unpredictable.

Tourism Queensland, which is avoiding the over-the-top claims of some other industry players and politicians, appears to have a sound grasp of the situation, as reported in today’s Cairns Post:

Tourism Queensland’s destination director for the Tropics and Great Barrier Reef, Jeff Gillies, said it was too early to compare the Qantas decision with the pilots’ strike of 1989.

The strike, waged by pilots from Ansett, Australian Airlines and others, crippled the Far North’s economy to the tune of $1 million a day.

Mr Gillies said it would be “silly not to say that the industry would fear” an impact similar to the pilots’ strike, but there was no cause for alarm yet.

“It is not doomsday, but it is certainly something we could do without,” he said.

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