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Improving teacher effectiveness

Melbourne-based think tank the Grattan Institute has just released a great paper on teacher effectiveness, which it argues is critical to boosting our educational outcomes and productivity: Investing in our teachers, investing in our economy The paper argues in favour … Continue reading

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Should Queensland ban plastic shopping bags?

There is a risk that plastic shopping bags will be banned nationwide in a token, feel good effort to look after the environment.  Friday’s Sydney Morning Herald (Ban on plastic bags spreads to Tasmania) reported: MOMENTUM appears to be growing … Continue reading

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Why is QIC government owned anyway?

This week’s sale of Port of Brisbane for $2.3 billion to a consortium including QIC (a government-owned corporation) generated a few laughs.  For example, Professor John Quiggin of Queensland University observed: Bligh and Fraser sell Port of Brisbane … to … Continue reading

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Mining sector investment to soar to $55 billion in 2010-11

The Australian mining industry’s planned $55 billion of investment spending in 2010-11 (in conjunction with high export prices) is likely to more than offset the adverse economic impacts arising from recent declines in building approvals. According to the Government’s latest … Continue reading

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Cash for cans scheme unnecessary – rely on market forces instead

The Fairfax papers are reporting that Green groups rubbish recycling delay: Waste crusader Ian Kiernan is angered that commonwealth and state leaders keep dithering on a national “cash for cans” style recycling scheme. The Clean Up Australia Day founder is astonished … Continue reading

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Government should promote better email management

Countless articles and blog entries have debated whether measures such as the National Broadband Network or Work Choices would boost the productivity of the Australian economy, which runs at around 85-90% of the US productivity level.  Despite all the analysis … Continue reading

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Fertility rate falls – do we need Peter Costello back?

Former Treasurer Peter Costello raised a few eyebrows when he urged Australians to have “one for mum, one for dad and one for the country”, but his call to procreate and the Government’s baby bonus no doubt played an important … Continue reading

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