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Good news on Qld coal exports and tourism

The Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson released some encouraging figures on coal exports yesterday, which I’ve charted below (Ports back to pre-GFC coal volumes): In part, the strong growth rates in the chart above reflect the coal industry recovering from … Continue reading

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Don’t read too much into one month’s unemployment figures – Qld data pretty volatile

Today’s unemployment figures from the ABS confirm a lacklustre economic outlook for Queensland over 2013-14 as the resources sector slows down, but I think it’s too early to conclude we’re heading for anything worse than expected. That is, based on … Continue reading

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State against State – Qld caught up to NSW in per capita output over 2000s

NSW was traditionally a more productive State than Queensland per head of population, as expressed in economic measures such as gross state product (GSP) per capita produced by the ABS. But Queensland’s economy caught up in per capita terms over … Continue reading

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Qld struck by Dutch Disease – manufacturing employment has plunged in last few years

The so-called Dutch Disease of a booming resources sector and a contracting manufacturing sector has been very evident in Queensland over the last few years, as seen in the chart below based on the latest vintage of ABS quarterly labour … Continue reading

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RBA confirms QRC analysis – resources sector spends mega bucks domestically

The RBA has released an excellent though technically demanding research paper on Industry Dimensions of the Resources Boom, which has received coverage in today’s Australian (Mining spreads work to 500,000). The RBA analysis confirms the analysis conducted by Reuben Lawrence … Continue reading

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Billion dollar Jobs Plan assumes local businesses aren’t getting fair share of work from big projects

The Commonwealth Government’s $1 billion Jobs Plan announced today (see media release) appears to be based on an assumption that Australian businesses aren’t getting a fair share of work out of major projects. I find this odd considering the massive … Continue reading

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