Sunny Coast booming | Qld must remain open for business petition

Relative to pre-COVID levels, while all Queensland regions have much higher job vacancies, it is the Sunshine Coast that is well in the lead, according to the National Skills Commission’s internet vacancies data for November 2021, published yesterday (see chart below).* The region is experiencing 2.5-3.5k vacancies at any one time compared with 1-2k vacancies pre-pandemic. The Sunshine Coast has no doubt been benefiting from both interstate and intrastate migration as people opt for a Sea Change. Also I should note there is a major project underway to redevelop the Maroochydore CBD (see Development continues apace at Maroochydore’s new city centre). I’ll aim to explore the drivers of the Sunshine Coast’s strong labour market in a future post very soon.     

By the way, the Sunshine Coast’s job vacancies aren’t all in hospitality (which falls in the Technicians & Trade Workers category for some reason), but, as in many other regions, the category with the largest number of vacancies is Professionals (see chart below). 

Finally, if you haven’t done so yet, please consider signing the Queensland MUST remain open for Business petition. Here’s an excerpt from the blurb for information and for the record:

The introduction of draconian rules now restricting all Queenslanders once again are impacting us more greatly than ever before, with businesses being forced to close when classed ‘close contact’. Matt Sinclair of Sum Yung Guys fame has been forced to close his restaurant and send his fully vaccinated team home without work at Christmas, all for what? Delaying the inevitable?! COVID is coming to Queensland, no doubt. This is why we are vaccinated, now lets move on with business as usual. No more contact tracing. No more restrictions, I demand Sum Yung Guys and all businesses affected now be reopened immediately. Please sign and share asap thank you, I will be forwarding to all members of Qld Government and representing industry bodies as soon as I have significant support via this petition.

This is a very worthwhile petition in my view, and I was happy to sign it.

Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

*For clarity, I’m talking about how regions are performing relative to their pre-pandemic levels. In absolute terms there are many more job vacancies in Brisbane (29k) and some other regions than on the Sunshine Coast.

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2 Responses to Sunny Coast booming | Qld must remain open for business petition

  1. Ben Dullroy says:

    Looking forward to your in depth analysis of the Sunshine Coast Gene!

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