Women and the Budget – upcoming Griffith-WEN webinar on Thursday 26 November

This Thursday, Griffith Business School and the Women in Economics Network (WEN) are holding a webinar on Women and the Budget, and I’ve agreed to act as Moderator for the webinar. Here’s the event description from the organisers:

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been experienced by men and women in different ways, given the gender patterns in employment and household roles that prevail within Australian society. Despite women shouldering the bulk of jobs lost since the start of the pandemic, the Government’s Budget responses have been largely directed at male-concentrated industries.

This webinar examines the economic data to assess these gender patterns and explores the value of Gender Responsive Budgeting. Our speakers will discuss examples of how to cast a gender lens on economic policy formation, and consider where the barriers and resistance to adopting a gender lens approach stem from. The costs of overlooking a gender lensed approach to economic policy will be explored, not only in terms of costs to women, but in terms of the loss to the wider economy. Participants will have the opportunity to join the discussion through Q&A.

The presenters and panellists are RMIT’s Dr Leonora Risse, ANU’s Sally Moyle (former head of the federal Office for Women), and Griffith’s Dr Tracey West. I’m looking forward to the presentations and the Q&A and discussion following the presentations. If you’re interested and available this Thursday at 1pm (Brisbane time), please consider registering for the webinar via the link above. You can download the flyer with further information on the event and the panellists below.

Should the Treasury present further information on the gender-specific impacts of budget measures in federal budgets? This question and others will be considered in the upcoming Women and the Budget webinar on 26 November.

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