Upcoming CIS livestream on Regulation and COVID this Thursday

This Thursday at 10am (AEST) I will appear on a CIS On Liberty livestream with Associate Professor Salvatore Babones (pictured on the thumbnail below) to discuss a forthcoming paper I’ve co-authored on Rationalising Regulation, part of the CIS’s Pandemic to Prosperity series. There are many costly regulations imposed on businesses by various levels of government which we should reduce or remove. We should do this regardless of the pandemic, but the COVID-induced recession makes streamlining regulations on business much more urgent. Check out some of the other papers in the CIS’s Pandemic to Prosperity series, including papers by Judith Sloan on industrial relations, Rob Carling on state public finances, and Tony Makin, Jeff Bennett, and Michael Potter on company tax at the CIS website. Finally, please consider tuning in on Thursday at 10am to watch my conversation with Salvatore.

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