Dynamic pricing economics & ethics podcast discussion

My latest podcast episode is on the economics and ethics of dynamic pricing, as used by Uber and airlines among other businesses. I spoke yesterday with Ben Scott, Research Officer at my business Adept Economics, and you can listen to our conversation here. The conversation was inspired by the Vickrey Turnstile which FT columnist Tim Harford describes in his excellent new book, a sequel equally as good and possibly better than the original, The Next Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy.

Other resources mentioned in the conversation include:

Uber and airline dynamic pricing models can be viewed as both fair and predatory

QPAC/QTIX to trial Uber-style surge pricing to boost revenue

Matching and Dynamic Pricing in Ride-Hailing Platforms

He has 17,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer and Nowhere to Sell Them

Dynamic pricing: Retailers using artificial intelligence to predict top price you’ll pay

South Bank 15a

Last September, I reported QPAC/QTIX were investigating dynamic pricing with a view to increasing revenue (link to QEW post above).

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