My comments in “Liberal bloodbath” Diplomat article

Brisbane-based writer Anthony Fensom has written an excellent article at The Diplomat titled Liberal Bloodbath Repels Australian Voters in which he quotes me among other commentators:

Similarly, economist Gene Tunny said the 2019 result was already a foregone conclusion, despite positive economic factors including a shrinking budget deficit, low unemployment, and inflation.

“There are a lot of positives about the economy, but people don’t seem to be feeling it. Wages growth has been low, practically in line with inflation for a few years, so people aren’t feeling that increase in living standards,” said Tunny, principal at Adept Economics.

“The government is trying to run a campaign [on the economy] but it’s had trouble showing it’s got a positive program that will convince people to vote for it.”

Australia’s low wages growth was the topic of a panel discussion I participated in a couple of months ago on Emma Griffiths’s 612 ABC Brisbane Focus program:

ABC Brisbane radio panel discussion on low wages growth

Wages growth and CPI inflation to Sep 18

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