Upcoming CIS Liberty & Society weekend in Melbourne

The Centre for Independent Studies sent a reminder note yesterday regarding its upcoming Liberty & Society weekend conference in Melbourne on October 14-16. This is a great opportunity for university students and recent graduates to have fun chatting about important economic and political issues and getting to know a wide range of interesting and promising people from across Australia and New Zealand. I was lucky enough to attend what I recall was the second ever L&S conference held by CIS back in 1997 in Sydney.

Queensland is traditionally under-represented at the L&S weekend, so I would encourage any readers who broadly fit into the target audience to apply, and I encourage anyone who knows anyone who might be interested to let them know about it. We certainly need more people in Queensland with a commitment to free markets, as the legacy of colonial socialism is strong. Successive governments continue to intervene in the Queensland economy in ways that make little economic sense.

While Queensland is traditionally under-represented at L&S, I must say that Queensland has some distinguished L&S alumni, including, among others, John Humphreys, Director of the Human Capital Project, Paul Martyn, Deputy Director-General of the Queensland Science, IT and Innovation department, and Alex Robson, Griffith academic and adviser to PM Turnbull.

Through its commitment to rigorous analysis and a non-partisan approach, the CIS has remained one of Australia’s leading public policy think tanks for several decades. I would encourage any university students or recent graduates who have not attended an L&S weekend so far to apply. Here is the blurb from the CIS:

If you are at university or have recently moved into the workplace and you want to be involved in serious discussions about the future direction of western liberal democracies then this is the weekend conference for you.

The Liberty & Society weekend conferences are a unique opportunity to learn about classical liberalism with live-in lecturers from various universities around Australia.  Come and discuss how these ideas can be used to build a stronger, freer society.

The Melbourne conference is FREE for successful applicants and travel support is available. Conference starts on Friday night.

14 – 16 October, 2016

Applications close on 2 Sept 2016

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out… if anybody wants to find out more about the Human Capital Project, which offers personal equity finance to poor rural Cambodians so they can attend university, you can find us at:


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