Top ten contractors supplying to Qld Government

Business people and professionals across Queensland will be interested in data recently uploaded to the Queensland Government’s website, particularly because it will allow them to check how much Government work their competitors have obtained (Queensland contract disclosure—$10,000 and above). For example, the data set reveals around $6 million worth of Government contracts were awarded to Deloitte in 2013. Based on this data, I’ve prepared the chart below showing the top ten contractors to the Queensland Government. Although the description of the data on the website notes the data are for contracts awarded by the Queensland Government over the last six months, the data appear to relate to the whole of 2013 from an examination of the data set.


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2 Responses to Top ten contractors supplying to Qld Government

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    Wow ! very interesting Gene. Thanks for this information, very useful for comparative analysis within our business development plans.

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