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Debt ceiling is an important constraint on government expenditure

I’m somewhat surprised that the Economist in its latest issue argues the US debt ceiling “serves no useful purpose and should be abolished” (From cliff to ceiling). A debt ceiling is important because it forces the Government to consider the aggregate … Continue reading

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Awful September qtr tourism data for Whitsundays, Fraser Coast and Sunshine Coast

The ABS released its September quarter 2012 small area data for tourism accommodation today, and it shows the Whitsundays, Fraser Coast and Sunshine Coast had a really bad quarter (see map below). This is not to say other regions performed … Continue reading

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Qld building industry recovery postponed

In a post last month I observed that of the so-called four pillars of the Queensland economy – agriculture, construction, resources and tourism –  the resources sector has been the only one with employment growth in recent years. Unfortunately, new … Continue reading

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Disappointing vacancies data support Treasury’s very low employment growth forecast for 2012-13

In the Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review 2012-13 released last month, Queensland Treasury revised down its forecast of 2012-13 employment growth from a weak 0.75% to a very weak 0.25%. The ABS job vacancies data released today lend support … Continue reading

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Top ten countries for imports to Qld and exports from Qld

Based on today’s new ABS international trade statistics, I prepared the charts below, which show Japan and China are our top two export destinations and the US and China are our top two sources of imports: I was initially surprised by … Continue reading

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Hotels appear to have doubts about prospects for tourism recovery

Although there has been some recovery in room occupancy rates at hotels, motels and serviced apartments since the financial crisis (see first chart below), establishments are maintaining their financial crisis levels of staffing (see second chart below), which must impact … Continue reading

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When will interstate migration to Qld recover?

Over the last few years, a decline in Queensland’s population growth has reinforced the economic sluggishness we’ve seen outside of the mining sector. For example, lower population growth means lower demand for new housing. In large part, Queensland’s lower population … Continue reading

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