Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached

The developer of Springfield, Maha Sinnathamby, thinks like a winner. No matter what difficulties life throws at him – the collapse of his first property empire or the near collapse of his second, Springfield – he faces each challenge with the recognition that, if he works hard enough, he just might beat the odds. And he did, at least the second time around, and we have the continued growth of Springfield as a result.

You can read all about Mr Sinnathamby’s life and personal philosophy in the biography Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached, which he spoke about at a packed UQ Business, Economics and Law alumni function at Customs House, Brisbane today. I was lucky to secure a free copy of the book and can highly recommend it.

Mr Sinnathamby is a great story teller. He is a master salesman, and he obviously owes a lot to the timeless wisdom of Napoleon Hill. Mr Sinnathamby has never missed a chance to tell his story and sell his dream. I well remember the time he came to my high school in Ipswich in the early 1990s to address the assembly about his grand vision for a new city, halfway between Brisbane and Ipswich, Springfield. He told us his story, and told us to tell our older brothers and sisters and mums and dads, even though, given the depressed economy in Ipswich at the time, a sizeable fraction of them would have been unemployed.

Mr Sinnathamby was not going to die wondering whether he could have made Springfield a success if he had just addressed one more school assembly. He is a master salesman, second to none.

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