Property industry confident Qld will out-perform other States

The latest Property Council of Australia-ANZ Property Industry Confidence Survey found the industry is confident Queensland’s economy will out-perform other States and the property market will improve over 2012 (ANZ analysis: Confidence survey):

As the latest PCA-ANZ survey results indicate, regions directly exposed to the investment boom will perform strongly, while other areas will be highly dependent on the associated demand for professional services. Queensland, Western Australian and the NT will be the clear out-performers while prospects for most other states remain relatively subdued…

…The PCA-ANZ survey continues to show an increasingly positive view of Queensland property, with the PCA-ANZ confidence index increasing to 127 (from 113 and 103 in the March quarter 2012 and December quarter 2011 respectively).

Other interesting material released today includes:

Malcolm Turnbull’s speech on a high exchange rate

Productivity Commission report on Australia’s productivity slump

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