Government right to push back on Townsville Convention Centre

A new convention centre in Townsville would not likely attract any new conferences to Queensland, and it would simply serve as a competitor to the major convention centres in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, taking conference business away from these sites. Hence there is no compelling case for Queensland Government funding, and the cost should be fully met by the developers and the Townsville City Council, if it deems that it is a good investment of ratepayers’ money.

As such, it’s great to see the Queensland Government is pushing back on the Townsville City Council’s funding request (Convention centre funding in doubt):

TOWNSVILLE’S proposed new entertainment and convention centre is in serious doubt, with the State Government looking increasingly unlikely to fund a $48 million share of the $150 million project.

Obviously relations are tense between the Queensland Labor Government and the Liberal Townsville City Council. Mundingburra MP Lindy Nelson-Carr isn’t pulling her punches:

Nelson-Carr: sick of picking up slack

Let’s hope the bitterness isn’t long-lasting, and the Government and Council can cooperate on future projects where the numbers stack up.

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