Ipswich not as bike friendly as Brisbane

Queensland Transport Minister and MP for Ipswich Rachel Nolan will be disappointed that Ipswich City Council isn’t helping her achieve the ambitious targets for cycling in the Government’s Draft Connecting SEQ Strategy.  The Queensland Times reports today (Riders to rally at bridge opening):

THE fight for the right to cycle over the Bradfield Bridge is far from over, with Ipswich cyclists planning to rally at its grand opening tomorrow.

Ipswich cyclist Cassie McMahon stirred up a heated debate when she slammed a directive that requires cyclists to dismount and walk across the bridge.

The Bradfield Bridge will provide a link between the Riverlink shopping centre and the Ipswich Mall.

With the health and greenhouse gas reduction benefits associated with cycling, it’s disappointing the Council isn’t doing all they can to promote it, including allowing cyclists to ride over the new bridge.  Obviously they are worried about public liability issues.  The record of fatal collisions and serious accidents on Brisbane’s Bicentennial bikeway wouldn’t give councillors in other jurisdictions much faith in the capacity of pedestrians and cyclists to interact safely and peacefully with one another.

It was probably a tough call for the Council, which would have had to consider the cost of enforcing the directive as well, although no doubt there is a fine for disobeying it.

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