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Is banning plastic bags the best option to tackle litter and reduce waste?

Guest post by Rod Bogaards It looks like a push is on to ban single-use plastic bags nationally according to the Courier-Mail. A ban has already been implemented in some of the smaller states and territories but not elsewhere. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Economics and environmental law seminar timely given debate over CSG & Galilee

One of the new words we have heard in recent years is “lawfare”, the use of the law as a weapon of war. In Australia, it has been alleged that environmental groups such as the Australian Conservation Foundation and the … Continue reading

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Unsurprising Townsville running out of water when Council is charging so little for it

Townsville City Council desperately needs some hard-headed economic advice, not just on the unwise Super Stadium project, but on water pricing, too. It is reported in today’s Townsville Bulletin that “TOWNSVILLE residents must dramatically reduce their water use if the … Continue reading

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Solar subsidy creates suburban “eyesore” on Gold Coast

In describing how government policies can have strange effects, economic textbooks often refer to the window tax that applied in Britain in France in the 18th and 19th centuries. This tax resulted in a number of households bricking up windows … Continue reading

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Farmers struggling to understand reams of vegetation management regulation

Given that Queensland has seen some egregious examples of land clearing in the past – recall George Quaid in the 1980s – there is clearly a role for Government in regulating activities affecting native vegetation. However, it is possible Government … Continue reading

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Push for national plastic bag ban

Banning plastic bags wouldn’t be sensible policy (see my earlier post Should Queensland ban plastic shopping bags?), and the Federal Government appears to realise this, but still environmental groups persist in pushing for a ban. As reported in today’s Sydney … Continue reading

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Mineral exploration growing nicely, but carbon tax may have spooked consumers

There’s little doubt the mining sector will underpin Australia’s economic growth and prosperity over the coming years, and hence it’s good to see mineral exploration rose 2.5% in December quarter 2010, and is getting back up near pre-GFC levels (as … Continue reading

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Coles Toowong gets big tick for trolley control

On Nine News the other night, one Nundah resident blamed the localised flooding in their street on junk, including a shopping trolley, blocking the storm water drain. Shopping trolleys, while incredibly useful devices, are unfortunately environmental vandals, with many ending … Continue reading

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