Senator Canavan explains why he opposes Net Zero by 2050 in my latest Economics Explored episode

In Episode 111 of my Economics Explored podcast, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan explains why he opposes the Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 objective. We have a wide-ranging conversation covering COP26, nuclear energy, hydrogen, China, the US political situation (particularly Joe Manchin) and what that means for US climate change policy, and the outlook for coal, among other issues. On hydrogen, Matt tells a great story about Queensland’s short-lived attempt to develop a hydrogen industry in the eighties, involving Sir Joh and a hydrogen-powered car which, according to Sir Joh, relied on a nuclear fusion reaction! I’ve included a link to the Seven News retrospective on that incident in the show notes which you can access via the link above.

On my business website, I’ve also published a transcript which was originally generated using the AI transcription service Otter and which has been edited to fix up transcription errors.

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