Economic impact of COVID-19 – upcoming QUT/QAAS webinar

I’m a panellist on an upcoming webinar on Friday 22 May on The economic impact of COVID-19 and the likely short and long run economic impacts of the policy responses to it. The webinar is free and is part of a series of webinars on Data Science in the News organised by QUT’s Centre for Data Science and the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences. The webinar will be moderated by USQ Emeritus Professor Allan Layton, a world-renowned economist who co-authored a celebrated study which demonstrated the effectiveness of Queensland’s compulsory seat belt law in the 1970s. My fellow panellists will be Griffith Professor Tony Makin, QUT Professor Pascalis Raimondos, and incoming Grattan Institute CEO Danielle Wood. I’ll be covering the impact of COVID-19 on Queensland’s regional economies, and you can read summaries of what all the panellists will be covering at the link above.


Incidentally, I’ve previously interviewed Danielle and Pascalis for my Economics Explained podcast:

Antitrust & “Hipster Trustbusters” with Danielle Wood from Grattan – Economics Explained EP22

Panama papers & multinational tax avoidance Economics Explained episode with QUT’s Prof. Raimondos

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