Podcast highlights – Quiggin on climate change, Gruen on digital public goods, and others

My latest Economics Explained episode presents highlights from the podcast in 2019, including UQ’s John Quiggin on climate change, Lateral Economics’s Nicholas Gruen on digital public goods, and RMIT’s Leonora Risse (currently a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School) on the gender pay gap, among other highlights.

Use these timestamps to jump right to the highlights:

  • 3:55 – John Quiggin on the relevance of his two lessons in economics for responding to climate change (i.e. introduce a carbon price, a more cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than so-called direct action measures);
  • 8:55 – Craig Lawrence on cost-benefit analysis;
  • 12:20 – Di Johnson on personal finance, particularly buying a house or unit;
  • 15:05 – Brendan Markey-Towler on behavioural economics;
  • 17:50 – Nicholas Gruen on digital public goods illustrated with 23andMe example;
  • 21:45 – Andreas Chai on Randomised Controlled Trials in poverty alleviation;
  • 25:23 – Rebecca Archer on the media in this age of digital disruption;
  • 26:54 – Darren Brady Nelson on the gig economy;
  • 28:44 – Pascalis Raimondos on multinational tax avoidance; and
  • 31:02 – Leonora Risse on the gender pay gap.

You can find all the episodes at Economics Explained.

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