Qld Gov’t should reconsider Christmas Eve public holiday as it develops its small business strategy

With the Queensland Government now consulting the community on its Small Business Strategy Discussion Paper (see Discussion open for small businesses), it should be reminded it is imposing additional costs on small businesses and discouraging some economic activity through its decision to make Christmas Eve a part-day public holiday from 6pm. This was completely unnecessary, bringing Queensland into line only with SA and NT, and it will be costly for those small businesses which now have to pay penalty rates that evening (see this Smart Company article).

The state government wants to give small business a voice, according to “Focus area 5” of its strategy. It’s arguable small business already has a voice, through various industry lobby groups, and that the real problem is that the government isn’t listening. I recall CCIQ lobbied vigorously against the Christmas Eve part-day public holiday earlier this year but it failed to stop it, unfortunately.

Although I think the government hasn’t had a great record on small business so far, I am glad it has released its Small Business Strategy Discussion Paper, and I intend to make a submission regarding it in the next few weeks. I’d encourage other small business people and commentators to do the same, as we need much greater discussion and debate on policy issues in this state than we currently have.


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