Government Budget Analysis Training Day on 22 November at the Johnson, Spring Hill, Brisbane

I’m excited to announce my old friend and colleague Joe Branigan and I will be holding a training day on government budget analysis on Friday 22 November at the Johnson Hotel, Spring Hill, Brisbane. Tickets are available via Eventbrite:

Government Budget Analysis Training

We think there is a real need for a training day like this, given all the debate we see in the media on budget/fiscal policy and the large number of different budget metrics, such as the net operating balance and fiscal balance, which are mentioned.

Topics to be covered at the training day include:

  • Public finance 101 – what governments do; how they tax, spend, manage cash, and borrow money
  • Operating and cash flow statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Pros and cons of different metrics (e.g. gross vs net measures, cash vs accrual, general government vs government-owned corporations)
  • Optimal budget policy
    • – golden rule / debt dynamics
    • – debt brake, etc.
    • – privatisation and so-called asset recycling
  • Debt dynamics modelling in Excel
  • Role models and cautionary tales – i.e. good and bad budget policies through history

Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea will be provided. Please join us if you’re interested, and please alert anyone who may be interested in our upcoming training day.


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