My comments on possible NRL Grand Final at Suncorp in today’s Courier-Mail

I am quoted in today’s Courier-Mail story Queensland in talks to host NRL Grand Final at Suncorp in $10 million boost to the economy:

MORE than $10 million could be injected into the Queensland economy if the state hosted an NRL grand final, according to economists.

Sports Minister Mick de Brenni said the State Government was in talks with the NRL to bring a grand final to Suncorp Stadium as early as next year…

Economist Gene Tunny said a grand final game in Brisbane would pour millions of dollars into the economy.

“You’re looking at over a $10 million impact, so it would be significant and it’d definitely help the hospitality and accommodation industry,” Mr Tunny said.

“It would definitely be a boon to the economy but we just need to be judicious about any financial support from the Government.

“It would be terrific.”

CCIQ economist Steven Gosarevski was also interviewed for the story and provided a similar estimate of the likely economic impact.

As I noted to the Courier-Mail, I would not approve of the State Government providing financial support to the NRL for a Brisbane Grand Final. There are better things to spend taxpayers’ dollars on. My previous comments on industry assistance include an August 2015 ABC News interview on industry assistance.


Suncorp Stadium, a.k.a. Lang Park and the Cauldron

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2 Responses to My comments on possible NRL Grand Final at Suncorp in today’s Courier-Mail

  1. Jim says:

    Attracting major events like the NRL grand final during peak holiday season just creates a great opportunity for price gouging by the airlines, hotels etc., and a platform for chaos (lack of accommodation, stretched visitor services etc.). This could only have a negative impact on Brisbane’s reputation as a destination.

    The last thing Brisbane needs in the final weekend of September is a major sporting event.

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Thanks Jim, I agree there will be some crowding out, but still think there will be a net positive impact. AirBnB is starting to add substantially to accommodation supply so hopefully price gouging in accommodation is moderated. Thanks for the comment.

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