Good start for Public Transport Review Committee: scrapping free Go Card trips

I was pleased to read that Queensland’s Public Transport Review Committee has recommended scrapping free Go Card trips that commuters have been getting after nine trips, and that this recommendation will be adopted in the upcoming State Budget, saving the Government around $28 million per annum (see the Brisbane Times report). I have been arguing for changes to improve the sustainability of our public transport system for several years now, at least since the Commission of Audit revealed the system is heavily subsidised and public transport fares cover only around 25% of costs. Previous posts of mine include:

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Let us hope the Review Committee’s future suggestions are as sensible as the Go Card recommendation. It appears it is considering a greater discount for off-peak fares. While it is a good idea to have a larger difference between peak and off-peak fares, to shift demand from peak to off-peak periods, in the interests of the sustainability of the system and given the heavily subsidised system we already have, that may be best brought about by an increase in peak hour fares as well as lower off-peak fares. I look forward to future analysis and recommendations put forward by the Committee.

Go Card

No more free trips on Go Card

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2 Responses to Good start for Public Transport Review Committee: scrapping free Go Card trips

  1. Jennifer T says:

    I see the rorting of the Go Card system that goes on with people taking one stop trips just to get to their free trips and think it is time it was stopped. One woman I see regularly at Springfield gets on the first bus of the morning in her pajamas occasionally to go one stop and then walks back to her car to drive home, which seem crazy to begin with!

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