Upcoming FACCI seminar on planning and operating Qld’s infrastructure

The French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FACCI) is holding a very interesting breakfast event in Brisbane on Thursday 17 March on the topic of planning and operating Queensland’s infrastructure. The seminar will feature David Quinn, Building Queensland CEO, and Campbell Mason, interim CEO of Keolis Downer Gold Coast, which operates the Gold Coast Light Rail.

As FACCI notes, infrastructure is a topical issue, as the State Infrastructure Plan is currently being finalised. Given a drop off in major infrastructure projects, the Queensland business community is very interested in what the final State Infrastructure Plan will propose. Queensland engineering and construction businesses have come to expect high levels of infrastructure investment from the State Government, but the peak levels that we saw around 2010 (see chart below) probably will not be seen again for a long time, given the lack of money in the forward estimates for infrastructure. Hence there will likely be much interest in reviving the public-private partnership (PPP) model (e.g. Gold Coast Light Rail), which I expect will be one of the topics for discussion at the FACCI event.


Update: I have amended my original post so that the event is correctly identified as a breakfast seminar.

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