Australia Awards workshop on policy making in Bandung

I returned to Brisbane this morning after a week in Indonesia, which I was visiting to help facilitate the post-course workshop for the Australia Awards short course Strengthening Public Policy Development Processes for Emerging Leaders from Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance. The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson has tweeted a couple of photos from the workshop, one of which includes me (see embedded tweet above and the higher resolution image below which I extracted from the tweet; I’m in the front row, sixth from the left). The workshop was held in the beautiful capital of West Java, Bandung, which is famous for hosting the historic Asian-African Conference of 1955. I was very pleased to be part of the team assembled by UQ International Development to facilitate the short course.


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2 Responses to Australia Awards workshop on policy making in Bandung

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    Great experience for you Gene. We can pick you out – in the yellow trousers !

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