Deputy Premier the most hospitable Minister

It’s well known that Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney is a major force in the current Queensland Government, and he’s obviously taking on a big share of stakeholder management, based on Ministerial hospitality costs data released today (see chart below). The Premier and Treasurer, however, appear to be leading the austerity drive by example, so don’t expect any cream biscuits if you’re lucky enough to get a meeting with either of them.


The other 10 Ministers spent less than $200 each over October to December 2012.

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1 Response to Deputy Premier the most hospitable Minister

  1. Gavin Nicholson says:

    You know, this seems to me like the dog that didn’t bark. The leader of the State spent less than $500 on entertainment? Sounds to me like some was footing HIS entertainment bill. Which makes me wonder – which would I prefer? Hmmmm…

    Reminds me of a story I heard about when phones were installed at a large academic organisation. Management went on a cost cutting drive, sending memos to people making lots of calls to cut back. They didn’t even consider questioning the people making not making any phone calls which might represent a deeper issue…

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