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Govt Actuary finds insurers struggling to understand catastrophe risk

North Queensland apartment owners will have to put up with the massive insurance premium increases (e.g. more than 300%) they have experienced in recent years after an Australian Government Actuary report concluded the premium increases most likely reflected the market … Continue reading

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Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached

The developer of Springfield, Maha Sinnathamby, thinks like a winner. No matter what difficulties life throws at him – the collapse of his first property empire or the near collapse of his second, Springfield – he faces each challenge with … Continue reading

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Skilling Queenslanders for Work probably less effective than claimed

After reading the Deloitte Access Economics report on the Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) program, I have significant doubts about whether the program generated the large benefits claimed. Earlier today, the Brisbane Times reported (Jobseeker program axed, then praised): Queensland’s … Continue reading

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Park Rd CityCat stop and pedestrian subways are best ideas for River’s Edge Strategy

Although living by the Brisbane River has its downsides (e.g. a major flood once every generation or so), it is largely a positive experience, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to catch the CityCat into work everyday. When … Continue reading

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Direction for directors

University of Queensland Emeritus Professor Geoff Kiel gave a great speech at the Australian Institute of Management at Spring Hill, Brisbane on Thursday night, launching the new book Directors at Work, which he co-authored with three of his colleagues (one … Continue reading

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Temporary surge in unemployment due to public service cuts and spending restraint

KS at Loose Change nicely summarises today’s new ABS labour force data with the title of his post: Qld employment shocker! I suspect today’s bad numbers are largely due to the fiscal restraint from the Queensland Government we’ve seen over … Continue reading

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New taxi industry review urgently needed

Reading Matthew Yglesias’s recent piece in Slate on ride sharing made me think of Queensland’s own highly regulated transport system and the issues we have with poor service from taxis despite large amounts of regulation (see Taxi refusals just not … Continue reading

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