Park Rd CityCat stop and pedestrian subways are best ideas for River’s Edge Strategy

Although living by the Brisbane River has its downsides (e.g. a major flood once every generation or so), it is largely a positive experience, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to catch the CityCat into work everyday. When I received the River’s Edge Strategy survey on the CityCat on Friday morning I was happy to learn the City Council is seeking views on how to improve public access to the river. If you’re interested, you can complete the survey on-line by following the link from the River’s Edge Strategy site.

I think the most cost-effective options for improving access to and use of the river would be a Park Rd CityCat stop and more pedestrian/cyclist subways under Coronation Drive. Any pedestrians who have had to cross Coronation Drive at Sylvan Rd or near Park Rd would attest to the long waits (over two-and-a-half minutes in peak hour) for the lights to change. Ultimately, as I’ve previously posted on, I’d like to see a Toowong-West End Bridge, but I doubt that would be within the scope or intended budget of the River’s Edge Strategy.

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