Toowong-West End bridge should be next on the agenda

I’m pleased to see the Government is allowing 12-storey high-rise developments in Brisbane’s West End (New ending in tale of West End’s 12 storeys), because I’ve long believed Brisbane needs to increase its population density if it is to meet the ambitious objectives set by organisations such as Brisbane Marketing.  Next on the agenda should be an investigation into the viability of a bridge linking Toowong and West End, which would create vibrant economic and social precincts on both sides of the river. As much as I love Toowong for its iconic pubs, the Regatta and RE, and its availability of public transport, including the CityCat which I take into work each day, Toowong lacks a certain vibrancy that other areas such as Paddington and New Farm have.

Also, as I argued in a previous post, the Government should re-open Brunswick St Mall to traffic, an idea which is gaining some support, as reported by the Courier-Mail.

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