Qld much more costly to run than other States

The Commonwealth Grants Commission announced yesterday that Queensland’s share of GST revenue will increase from around 19% in 2011-12 to 20% in 2012-13, largely reflecting increased costs due to natural disasters (see 2012 Update Report). In addition to its update report the Grants Commission released the State of the States report, which reveals the significantly higher ongoing cost of running vast, dispersed States such as Queensland and WA:

Figure 5 shows per capita expenses in the large, sparsely settled but fast growing States of Queensland and Western Australia have been approximately 7% above the average of the other six States since 2006-07…

…per capita expenses in [2010-11] increased by almost $670 (or 7.5%) in Queensland, due to well above average increases in spending on schools, hospitals, housing and welfare services, road maintenance and natural disaster relief.

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