Talking sense about the Commonwealth Games

Sunland chairman Soheil Abedian is absolutely right that the Gold Coast’s major problem is its inability to control drunks and criminals, and hence the Commonwealth Games won’t itself save the Coast’s economy (as reported in today’s Gold Coast Bulletin):

At the Urban Development Institute of Australia hosted [mayoral candidates] debate yesterday, Mr Abedian said the candidates were relying too heavily on the Games, not what had to be done immediately to clean up the city.

“None of you has given any solution on how to go forward,” he said.

“Everyone points to 2018 as that is when the return of Christ will come.”

“Let’s start with very small steps. We know the problem. It’s not Coomera or Nerang, it’s the heart of the city.

“It’s in the heart of the city (Surfers Paradise) where my family are afraid to walk.”

Sensible (although possibly too negative) views on the Commonwealth Games were also made earlier this week by Chris Berg of the Institute of Public Affairs at the Drum website:

Commonwealth Games bad news for the Gold Coast

I anticipate the Games will bring some economic stimulus to the Gold Coast, but it will be much lower than Gold Coast business and community leaders expect. Hence the need to get the basics right, as argued by Mr Abedian.

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