Sunshine Coast Coles given massive renewable energy target

For the sake of our grocery bills – as no doubt the higher cost of renewable energy will be passed on to consumers – let’s hope this strange condition put on Coles by Sunshine Coast Council doesn’t set an example that other Councils will follow (Supermarket told to use renewable energy):

A national supermarket chain is being asked to use at least 50 per cent renewable energy for a development on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has approved a two-storey supermarket, retail and office complex in Nambour.

Councillor Vivien Griffin says the supermarket will have to provide six-monthly reports showing it is meeting the renewable energy target.

“It’s an opportunity for Coles to show they’re a terrific corporate citizen and care about the Sunshine Coast region,” she said.

“The 50 per cent can be supplied either through green energy or on site renewables, so I think it’ll actually be a wonderful flag bearer for Nambour and for the Sunshine Coast.”

The Commonwealth Government has only set a target of 20% of total energy coming from renewables by 2020. It’s unclear why this Sunshine Coast Coles is being asked to bear a disproportionate burden. Of course, it looks good politically for the Council to take on a supermarket giant. We may need a national carbon tax to avoid more over-the-top and inefficient measures of this nature.

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