Upcoming events on a Qld upper house and climate change

At the Brisbane Polo Club next Tuesday evening (5 October), the Brisbane Institute will host a forum on whether the Queensland Parliament should re-establish an upper house – i.e., the Legislative Council which was abolished in 1921 by a suicide squad of State Labor senators, who voted to abolish the Council and their own jobs.  Information on the forum is available here:

Time for an upper house in Queensland?

Another event worth attending next week, on Thursday 7 October, is a Politics in the Pub event at the Powerhouse Theatre, commencing at 6pm:

In October, conversations will focus on whether Australia needs an emissions trading scheme in Fiddling While Rome Burns. Does Australia Need an Emissions Trading Scheme?

It’s seen off Turnbull and Rudd, so what’s next for an ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme)?

The New Farm Neighbourhood Centre has assembled a dynamic panel of speakers for the event, and invite anyone interested in current affairs to debate this issue with newly-elected Greens Senator Larissa Waters, Michael Roche from the Queensland Resources Council, green philosopher William Grey, Kellie Caught from WWF and outspoken climate skeptic Malcolm Roberts.

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