Chat with 4BC’s Neil Breen on Qld Economic Recovery Plan, travel restrictions, deficits, and debt

Yesterday morning, I spoke with 4BC Breakfast presenter Neil Breen about the Queensland Government’s Economic Recovery Plan, travel restrictions, deficits, and debt. The recording has been published on the 4BC website:

What’s in the book?

Neil began by asking me what is the Economic Recovery Plan document the Premier and Treasurer are always clutching during their press conferences? The 4BC website summarises my response as:

Former Treasury Official Gene Tunny says it’s just a prop and he’d rather see a full budget book.

The glossy does summarise a range of government initiatives designed to stimulate the economy, but I’d rather the Government have produced a full budget, or the Treasury to have released a Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook, a PEFO, as is standard practise at the federal level.

Voting is already underway to determine who rules Qld Parliament House (George St, Brisbane) for the next four years.
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