HSBC’s Paul Bloxham to discuss services sector in time of no ordinary disruption

I am very much looking forward to the presentation in Brisbane next Wednesday by HSBC’s Paul Bloxham, on Australia’s next growth driver: The rise of the services sector, to the Queensland branch of the Economic Society of Australia, of which I am the Secretary. Clearly most of the new jobs which will be created in the future will not be in manufacturing, agriculture or mining, but will be in the services sector. These jobs will typically revolve around human interaction and the application of high levels of professional and social skills, as routine less-skilled jobs are increasingly being automated. This trend is well discussed in a new book, No Ordinary Disruption, by three directors of the McKinsey Global Institute, and is nicely illustrated with data on jobs growth in the US in the 2000s (see chart below).

If you would like to attend the presentation by Paul Bloxham next Wednesday (11 November) lunchtime, please see the ESA Qld website for registration details.


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2 Responses to HSBC’s Paul Bloxham to discuss services sector in time of no ordinary disruption

  1. Glen says:

    Gene, do you know if Paul ever puts out his presentations in other forms for those of us who don’t live in Brisbane? I have Sky Business on in the background when I work from my home office with the sound down but always turn it up when Paul comes on, I find his analysis of business and the markets in general second to none.

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