Qld Government should maximise revenue from casinos

It’s great news the Queensland Government is intending to increase the number of casino licences (see this ABC News report), given the boost this could give to tourism and the Queensland budget. I’ve previously commented that there is:

Scope to raise more revenue from gambling and cut bad taxes

Further, if it’s clever about the process of allocating the licences, the Government could extract a large share of the economic rents (i.e. super profits) that would accrue to the holders of the new licences. It could do this through a well-designed auction of the licences. Then Clive Palmer might not be frustrated in his bid to get a casino licence (see this Sunshine Coast Daily report on Mr Palmer’s bid: Maroochydore touted as Coast’s best casino option).

While concerns have been expressed about the possible adverse social impact of having more casinos (e.g. this Conversation piece: What are the odds new casinos lead to social harm?), I expect new casinos would have a negligible impact. Pokies are already so widely available at pubs and clubs I can’t see how the new casinos provide any significant addition to the opportunities for gambling-related harm.

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3 Responses to Qld Government should maximise revenue from casinos

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    Tourism Australia’s Research indicates that casino are the LAST thing that overseas visitors want to visit in Australia. See graph on Page 5 of Tourism Australia report.

    Click to access Research_130624_CDP6pagesummary(1).pdf

    Personally, I don’t mind if someone wants to build a large casino – as long as they install a large dance floor.

    On our last cruise, I visited the casino every night – it was a short cut between the dining room and the dance floor. Not silly enough to waste any money in there.

    As a tourist travelling the world, I can’t say that I have ever had a casino on my itinerary. Visited the Crown Casino in Melbourne once, and couldn’t get out fast enough. I can’t see the attraction personally.

  2. Katrina Drake says:

    Try that link again. Sorry the link I cut and paste did not work when I tested it.

    If the link still does not work – a google search on this paper will find it.
    Tourism Australia – Tourism 2020.
    See 2020 – New research to help Australia Tourism reach its potential.


    The link to the article is.
    See 2020 – New research to help Australia Tourism reach its potential.

    Click to access Research_130624_CDP6pagesummary(1).pdf

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