Strong growth in Gold Coast airport passenger numbers in 2012-13

GCpassengersQueensland Airports Ltd, which operates the Gold Coast, Townsville, Mt Isa and Longreach airports, today reported good growth in airport passenger numbers over 2012-13, largely driven by strong growth at the Gold Coast airport (see chart above). The company’s media release notes:

Passenger numbers through the four airports operated by Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) grew by 6.8% over the 2013 financial year…

…“In what has been a challenging year for the Australian economy and the aviation industry in particular it is pleasing to see that our airports at Gold Coast and Mount Isa have achieved greater than 8.5% growth,” said Dennis Chant, Managing Director of QAL.

“Townsville Airport however, experienced a 2% reduction. We attribute this to a slowdown in the resources sector and cost reduction initiatives at the state and federal government level.

The Gold Coast passenger numbers are obviously consistent with the recovery in Gold Coast tourism I’ve previously posted on:

Tourism recovering nicely on Gold Coast, not so elsewhere

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4 Responses to Strong growth in Gold Coast airport passenger numbers in 2012-13

  1. Katrina drake says:

    Have you considered the increase in Gold Coast airport numbers being a consequence of the delays caused by poor management and lack of planning for growth at Brisbane airport. Due to recent detrimental publicity I am sure a lot of passengers would be avoiding arrivals at Brisbane.

  2. Craig Wilson says:

    this is a good and interesting post, mixes things up nicely


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