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Easy way to make Brisbane more liveable

Rather than criticising the Economist Intelligence Unit for ranking Brisbane behind Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth in liveability (Brisbane leaders in disbelief at our city’s low liveability ranking), we should ask how can we make our city more liveable so … Continue reading

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Great map from OESR showing CSG wells in Surat Basin

OESR’s latest Surat Basin Population Report provides an update on the size of the Basin’s FIFO/DIDO workforce, which effectively adds 3,300 persons to the population of the region. This is a full-time equivalent population estimate, so the actual number of … Continue reading

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Adverse impacts of carbon tax becoming apparent

While a carbon tax would make sense as part of a worldwide effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions – which is clearly a global priority given the mounting evidence on climate change – it makes no sense as a unilateral … Continue reading

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Volatile labour force data suggest ABS needs bigger Qld sample

The ABS urgently needs to boost its sample of Queensland households for the Labour Force Survey so we don’t get weird month-to-month changes like we’ve seen lately. Pete Faulkner from Conus Consulting has a good post on today’s new data … Continue reading

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We’re not selling off the farm

Gregor Heard has an insightful post on the Queensland Country Life website on how to get rural issues right. I agree with him that closer scrutiny of foreign investment in Australian agricultural land, a policy commitment of the Federal Opposition’s, … Continue reading

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Brisbane housing market recovery call seems right

Given the amount of money washing through the Queensland economy due to the resources boom, I think noted property expert Michael Matusik is right to claim the Brisbane housing market is recovering, as reported in the Courier-Mail: The Greater Brisbane … Continue reading

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Grattan Institute calls for uni course subsidy review

Andrew Norton, formerly attached to the Centre for Independent Studies, is now at the Grattan Institute and is continuing to produce hard-hitting reports on our generously subsidised university system, with his latest called Graduate Winners. Andrew is one of Australia’s … Continue reading

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Lots of scope to reduce regulatory burden in Qld

The Queensland Competition Authority has released an informative issues paper on Measuring and Reducing the Burden of Regulation for the purposes of an inquiry it is undertaking for the new Government. The issues paper contains a lot of useful ammunition … Continue reading

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