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Has Brisbane City Council been skimping on maintenance?

Following today’s report on the crumbling Story Bridge, I’m worried that Brisbane City Council may not have proper plans for managing its assets and undertaking regular maintenance. I found this fact unsettling: It is the fifth large piece of Brisbane … Continue reading

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Sales of new motor vehicles continue to trend upwards

The continuing upward trend in new motor vehicle sales (see chart below based on new ABS data) is indicative of the economy’s underlying strength and improving confidence of households. It’s probably unsurprising that the SUV share of new motor vehicle … Continue reading

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Teacher performance pay

Last night in Melbourne, where I’m based for the next few weeks, I attended a Grattan Institute event on the economics and politics of teacher merit (i.e. performance) pay, which featured former ANU economics professor, now federal MP Andrew Leigh … Continue reading

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Economic benefits of Games usually over-stated

There is no doubt the Commonwealth Games will provide an economic boost to the Gold Coast and support job creation in the region, but I’m skeptical about the estimated 30,000 jobs figure, given that the economic impacts and net benefits … Continue reading

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Surge in residential lot development approvals in Townsville, small recovery in Cairns

Back in the 1980s, there was concern in the Townsville community about how Cairns, then experiencing rapid growth, would over-take Townsville to become the so-called capital of North Queensland. Obviously, that is no longer a possibility as Townsville appears to … Continue reading

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Government still expected to hit jobs target

The Bligh Government remains likely to reach its 100,000 new jobs target, according to the latest ABS Labour Force data released yesterday, even though trend employment growth remains unspectacular (see the OESR brief): Employment in Queensland has risen by 90,000 … Continue reading

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Treasury Secretary on FIFO

In a speech today to the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Treasury Secretary Dr Martin Parkinson noted the role of fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work arrangements in spreading the benefits of the resources boom across Australia: The increasing accessibility and … Continue reading

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Flow-on impacts of the resources boom

Ross Gittins has an excellent column in the Age & SMH today on how the benefits of the resources boom flow through the economy: It’s boom time for everyone Gittins points out that NSW and Victoria benefit through the reallocation … Continue reading

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Uni / college days the happiest in people’s lives

That old folk wisdom about how your uni/college days are the best days of your life is confirmed by analysis of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY), as reported in a new briefing paper released today: The period between … Continue reading

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Carbon price creates risks to growth claims Business Council

The passage of the Clean Energy Future (i.e. carbon price) legislation through the Commonwealth Parliament today is not the end of the debate, and the legislation will almost certainly need to be amended as its implementation bugs become apparent – … Continue reading

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