New population projections confirm strong expected growth in Ipswich and Gold Coast

From the new local government population projections which Treasurer Andrew Fraser released yesterday:

Ipswich to have fastest growth but Gold Coast to have most growth

In the decade to 2021, Ipswich (C) is projected to grow rapidly at a very high 5.0 per cent per annum (a total of 111,000 people), while Gold Coast (C) is projected to have the largest amount of growth (133,800 people) of any local government area (LGA) in Queensland.

In other economic news, company profits have taken a hit due to Queensland’s cruel Summer, and no doubt the March quarter GDP figure (to be released on Wednesday) will be a shocker:

Weak company profits signal risk of sharp economic contraction in the first quarter

It’s likely only a temporary contraction, however, given the massive amount of mining sector investment that is on its way. Hence the trajectory of interest rates is still in an upward direction, although the RBA may defer further rate rises until later this year or early next year.

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